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Pinewoods dates back to the early 1900's when the area was used as picnic grounds. Shortly after 1949 the land was sold and converted into a camping ground. The west side was developed for tents, caravans and baches, while the east camp was left mainly in native bush.

Pinewoods Motor Park is situated on 34 acres between Orewa and Red Beach, with the sea as its boundary on two sides of the property. It has its own private beach, accessible to the general public only at low tide when it is possible to walk around the foreshore from Orewa.

The steps known as Jacobs Ladder were built and the rocks below were a very popular fishing area. These rocks
extended at least 30 metres from the cliff face but over the years erosion has greatly reduced this area and it has now become Pinewoods' very popular private beach.

Pits were dug and toilets were installed comprising of drain pipes with a seat on top. Much later came flush toilets with septic tanks.

The first kitchen block was built on The Drive and a wood burning range installed as well as a boiler for the ladies and gents shower block.

Chasing rabbits was a source of entertainment as literally hundreds of them roamed the park.

In the 1950's films were first held on the green as at present, and before screenings Housie was held on the green. An annual concert was held and potential artists were auditioned for up to a week before the concert. The climax of the Christmas holiday season was always when up to 2,000 people crowded onto the green. Skating was very popular at this time and the rink was crowded all day.

The local Council were not happy with having a camping ground occupying a prime site in their district so in the 1950's a company was formed and a board of directors elected. These days each shareholder owns a parcel of 500 $1 shares, but the value is in the "License to Use" and baches vary greatly in value from $140,000 for an older style bach to well over to $450,000 for the more modern architect designed ones with double garaging etc.

Many of the current shareholders have been coming to Pinewoods all their lives with parents or even grandparents, and every child looks forward to the Christmas holidays when the entertainment committee arranges films, fishing contests, talent shows, beauty pageants, a sports day, and even tennis and golf tournaments (for the not so young).

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